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Setting up your 3D touch printer on Cura as a custom machine

Custom Machine Cura Setup

Adding the 3D Touch Printer to Cura as a custom machine:

1. On first launch, you can add a 3D Touch Printer by selecting Machine > Machine Settings > Add
New Machine
2. Select Other
3. Select Custom…
4. Enter Machine name as ‘Balco Touch 3D’, or your desired name
5. Input Machine width and depth as 200
6. Input Machine height as 180
7. Change Nozzle size to 0.4mm
8. Ensure Heated Print Bed is ticked
9. Select ‘Finish’

Now your 3D Touch Printer is set up on Cura for you to download 3D printer files from places such as and slice them in to GCODE for the 3D Touch Printer to be able to print.


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