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Rules & Regulations – Ireland

Rules & Regulations – Ireland

The following regulations must be followed when operating a camera drone or
quadcopter in the Ireland.
You should never operate your drone:
• If it will be a hazard to another aircraft in flight
• Over an assembly of people (e.g. concerts, sporting events, parades)
• Farther than 300 metres
• Within 30 metres of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under your direct control
• Closer than 5km from any aerodrome
• In a negligent or reckless manner so as to endanger life or property of others
• Over 400ft (120m) above ground level
• Over urban areas such as villages, towns and cities
• In civil or military controlled airspaces or any restricted areas
• Unless you have permission from the landowner for take-off and landing
• Outside of your direct line of sight
It is the user’s responsibility to regularly check and abide by current rules & regulations.

For further information, please refer to the flight regulations flyer included with your drone OR visit

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